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About Us


The All Points Camping Club of NZ is national organisation providing support for all campers in NZ.


We want to ensure that we can all continue to enjoy this healthy, recreational activity.

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Why ‘All Points’ ?


North, South, East or West: we cover all the points of the compass.


We are inclusive and support all forms of camping, from tenting through to large motorhomes.


We promote inclusive, responsible, sustainable and affordable camping.


We provide a unified voice for ALL campers in New Zealand.

All Points Camping offers:

  • Advice and support for all campers and all types of camping

  • Affordable, family-friendly camping events. You don’t have to be a member to join an All Points event

  • Savings and discounts for members

  • Lobbying for campers’ rights

  • Access to information about self-containment and changes to camping legislation and regulations

  • Camping the Kiwi Way – our quarterly magazine. This is available on-line and you can subscribe to receive printed copies

  • Recommended Stop and Stay locations. We don’t own or lease camping properties. Rather we prefer to support and promote existing property owners and camping sites

  • An on-line shop that sells as range of camping themed merchandise.


The All Points Camping Club’s aim is to support and promote a responsible and sustainable camping industry for the present and into the future so that we and our grandchildren may enjoy the many benefits that camping provides.


The Club was formed in December 2015 by a group of concerned campers who wanted an organisation that represented the interests of all members New Zealand’s broad camping community. Their goal in setting up APCNZ was to provide support and a voice for the general camping community. They also wanted to foster a balanced camping industry in New Zealand.

Visit our contacts page for details about our current committee members and regional representatives.

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