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Certified Self Contained vehicles

You may use this search feature to find basic information on vehicles that have been tested and certified as self contained under NZS 5465:2001 by our team of Qualified Testing Officers 
  • This listing is not updated on a daily basis and may not be current.
  • Please wait for the database search box to load.
  • Enter vehicle licence plate number into the search box.
We recommend using Carjam for checking further details on vehicles
NZ Lifestyle Camping - Public register of Certified Self Contained vehicles
The vehicles listed in this schedule have been tested and passed as
complying with NZS 5465:2001 as at the time of testing.
This means that the vehicles have met the requirements of the standard in being self contained for a period of three days for the number of occupants shown.
All vehicles passed by NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd or the All Points Camping Club of NZ have met the requirement of the toilet being able to be used in the vehicle with sufficient head and elbow room and the beds made up. After this test has been met the toilet may be used in a toilet tent or awning. 
All Points Camping NZ and the respective Testing Officers have no liabiilty or responsibility for the vehicle operators subsequent changes to the self containment system , use or lack of, subsequent to the test being completed.  
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